AI In The World Of Photography

I am honestly not sure how I feel about AI and photography. Part of me is obsessed because even though I live in a beautiful place, I am still limited by the geography of flat Florida. One of my near future goals is to do a session in the mountains. This new technology makes it almost not necessary. I say almost because my sessions are not just about pretty images. Sure, that is the ultimate goal, but I pride myself with giving your family an experience to remember. While I can definitely now add mountains, trees, and animals to your images here in Florida, I cannot add the sounds, breeze and elements to your memory bank. I think this is important to keep in mind!

While I am still not sure how (or If) I will use AI in my craft, I think it is important to test it out and get to know the options that are available to artists. Stay tuned to see where AI takes the world of photography!

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