Photographer near Disney World

Behind the Lens with Jamie Senn: Capturing Moments, Creating Memories

Hi! I'm Jamie Senn, the proud owner of Jamie Senn Photography, LLC, based right here in the sunny heart of Orlando, Florida.

📸 Picture-Perfect Locations:

I specialize in family photography, capturing your precious moments at stunning locations around Orlando, including areas around Disney World, the sandy shores of Cocoa Beach, and the serene beauty of Ponce Inlet. But hey, I'm not limited to just these spots—I'm ready to travel almost anywhere to turn your ordinary moments into extraordinary memories!

🌍 Wanderlust Chronicles:

As a family woman, my husband and I have been happily married for almost 14 years. We believe in experiencing the world through the eyes of our two amazing kids, Kiley and Blake. Last year, we explored the charm of London and the romance of Paris. This summer, we're gearing up for an adventure in Italy, Greece, and Turkey. If you have any travel tips for these destinations with kids, shoot me an email at—I'm all ears!

☕ Fueled by Coffee, Fueled by Passion:

What keeps my creative juices flowing? Coffee, travel, and a bit of retail therapy! When I'm not behind the lens or editing your beautiful photos, you'll likely find me at the baseball fields cheering for my son or exploring the makeup counters of Sephora with my daughter. And yes, she's not just my daughter—she's my trusty assistant, helping out with behind-the-scenes magic during sessions.

📷 Style Meets Storytelling:

My photography style is all about capturing genuine moments and reactions. No stiff, cheesy smiles—just lots of movement and memories. With over a decade in the industry, I've learned that creating luxury art involves more than just clicking a button. Styling my clients has become a passion, and I provide a style guide and access to my client closet to make the process stress-free for your family.

💖 Let's Create Together:

I'm an open book and always thrilled to help you create luxury artwork for your family. Whether it's capturing your family's story or offering travel tips, feel free to reach out with anything! Let's turn your moments into memories that last a lifetime.

Cheers to capturing the magic of life,

Jamie Senn 🌟